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Launch of Mike Tyson Bitcoin Landing Page

Just finished a new landing page for Mike Tyson Bitcoin, pretty exciting! Have a look at http://www.miketysonbitcoin.com

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Business Cards

Here is a new business card design I have been working on for myself that matches my website. Should be here soon, I’m excited! You can check it out here: http://drbl.in/pdAp

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Master Coat, LLC – One Page Website

I recently had the chance to work on this great new project! Presented Concept for a One Page WordPress Website for local company called Master Coat, LLC. View the full project on Behance  

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TEESMADE4U – Website Design Concept

TEESMADE4U is a shirt company located near Detroit, MI. The site is currently in progress and being built using WordPress CMS and Woocommerce Shop and Bootstrap Framework.  

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Faith Driven Magazine – Website Design

Website Design for Faith Driven Magazine. The website is currently in production utilizing WordPress CMS and Bootstrap Framework.

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Louisville Housing Authority – Design Concept

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Show Flyer for Premier

I just finished a new flyer for the band Premier! I have been working with them on several projects such as: T-Shirts, Logo, Drum Head, Business Cards, Sweatshirts and a few other things. Last week they managed to get on to Warped Tour and they wanted a flyer that could show off the new merch, […]

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Premier Drum Head Design

Another Successful project just finished and out of the way for Premier! I had the privilege of designing the bass drum head for Premier. I actually took the same design from the shirt I designed not to long ago for them with the grizzly bear. So it was kind of an easy job being as […]

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