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New Website 2015

Welcome to the new website! I’ve been working pretty hard on the new design. I have been trying to get something new up for a long time, but just as any designer I was never satisfied with anything. Anyways, It’s here! Have a look around and don’t forget to check out my photoshop brushes. Some […]

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Happy New Year 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post. So happy holidays to all! I’m working on alot of upcoming projects that I should be rolling out in 2015. I plan to release a new look to this website as well as open up a few more websites. I’m currently working on 4 […]

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Final Portfolio Draft

I finally had the chance to finish up the new website design. I have messed around with alot of different ideas, but after months of planning I think I am in the final stages. I went with this design for several reasons crossing many avenues of design. I could have went super simple and flat […]

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New portfolio coming soon!

I am working on a new portfolio which is a one page layout. I took the current design and began to rethink how it should all go. I re arranged some things so that they are in a place that actually makes sense and so that it all flows properly in an order a user […]

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New Website 2014

On New Years day I decided to start working on a new website. Today 2/23/14 almost 3 months later I finally completed the decision I set out to conquer by finishing the website! This new website is totally awesome! It works in modern browsers like IE11, Google Chrome and Firefox. It’s also responsive so it […]

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Website Launch

New Website I’ve been working pretty hard on the release of my new website and I’m excited to share! Have a look around and take notice to the smaller things. I went with a really modern look on this on to showcase what I’ve learned to this point. This website is packed with alot of […]

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Nineteen Eighty Seven Design Status Update

I’ve been pretty busy with work. So I decided that it’s time to redo this website. I am currently working on all the design of it out in photoshop. It will be responsive for all web browsers as well as a bunch of other modern features. There is a lot of projects that are in […]

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New HTML & PSD Resources!

Over the past few month’s I have been working on alot of new projects. I’m currently working on alot of templates. I have decided to upload a couple of “first run” templates to my resources for people to enjoy and use if they would like. The new PSD templates include the “Plane” Portfolio Template. The […]

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LA Trash Apparel Winter Sale!

As it gets towards that time of the year LA Trash Apparel has began there Winter Sale with great prices! With that winter sale comes a new website update. I’ve taken the time to add a new store to LA Trash Apparel website which makes it easier for both us and the customers with processing […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone early so I didn’t forget. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update however I’ve been busy with work and moving into my new house. So I’m taking the time to post a couple new designs. I recently finished a new t-shirt for premier and just […]

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