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Looking out

By James |

I went exploring down in Detroit, Michigan as I often find myself doing. I forgot my nikon this time however I think my phone camera took some good pictures while I was down there. We took a different route than we usually do when heading down there which really made me regret not bringing my camera as we stumbled upon some great photo ops. We found a couple abandoned buildings that were totally decayed and abandoned but it was getting a little late to go wandering around inside most of them as it is Detroit. I want to go back when it gets a little warmer outside and during the day to go into some of these places. We did manage to go inside of a burned down abandoned house which was very interesting to see so much history in a house and all the left behind remains of the house. We found little kids shoes and tv remote controls and empty old beds. You could see where the fire started and how it spread throughout the house. It also had a basement that looked absolutely crazy and erie looking. I really wanted to go down into the basement but was unsure of the stability of the house. It also had an upstairs as well but again stability issues made me think it was a bad idea. So I got a shot looking out the bay window of the house which was broken out and burned up.

Have a look and enjoy!

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