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New Website 2014

By James |

On New Years day I decided to start working on a new website. Today 2/23/14 almost 3 months later I finally completed the decision I set out to conquer by finishing the website! This new website is totally awesome! It works in modern browsers like IE11, Google Chrome and Firefox. It’s also responsive so it works on all devices such as iPhone, Tablet, iPads and etc. There are so many features it would take me over an hour to write it all out but I think it was worth it. This is by far one of the best websites I have ever designed and I’m extremely proud to show it off. The pictures on the home page are pictures of Detroit, MI aside from the picture of me for the about me section. The pictures reflect the city and some of its amazing ruins. They do not display a certain type of story line however each picture tells it’s own story. So there is meaning behind the pictures for anyone who takes the time to read this article will learn that. All the images except the home page top image was taken by myself while roaming through the streets of Detroit, Michigan.

Just finished another website as well while we are on that topic! I will save that for tomorrow so there is some fresh news! 🙂


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