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Nineteen Eighty Seven Design Facebook – Web Launch

By James |

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on multiple project’s along with school and other things. I started thinking of ideas for a new website for I recently did a Adobe CS5 Project for school and I used this photo that I took on my way into Detroit, MI. Once I seen how that turned out it opened up ideas for a website. So thus began my thought process on building a website based on that picture.

The Photoshop project for school allowed me to mask the city thus allowing me to add whatever I needed in the background/sky. Some of the ideas for things in the sky came out of random. Some of them have meaning and that is why they are in the picture.

I decided that this is supposed to be a graphic design portfolio. So I wanted to use my graphic design as well as my web design skills. I also decided it was time to release as much work as I had that I thought was portfolio worthy, which is decent amount of work. I think it turned out really good.

When I decided to redo the website I thought it might be time to get a Facebook since I am on every other Social Network. So I made a Facebook and launched that at the same time I launched the website. Check out the website and Facebook and Like Nineteen Eighty Seven Design on Facebook! 🙂

I am also currently working on 2 websites which I will post more about as they finish up. In the meantime please like NESD on Facebook and check out the new portfolio website!

Nineteen Eighty Seven Design Website

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