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100 Flat Icons

By James |

100 Flat Icons

ITEM: 100 Flat Icons
COUNT: 100 Flat Icons
VERSION: All Adobe Photoshop Versions
COMPATIBLE: Made with CS5 **
DESCRIPTION:100 Flat Icons that can be used for just about anything and includes all different styles and shapes including iPhone, iMac, iPad, Android, Macbook, Watch, Clock, Microphone, Search, Speaker, Gear, Comment, Ribbon, Link, Briefcase, Lock, Social Media, Ball, Trees, Money, Battery, Community, Shop, Pencil, Pen, Heart, Ice Cream, Email, Horn, Location, Pin, Bookmark, Folder, Document, Address Book, Credit Card, Calendar, Sun, Cloud, Camera, Web Cam, Television, Boombox, Mouse, Lightbulb, Sign, Ship, Garbage, Picture, Speedometer and much more!

– 512px in size
– 100% editable shapes
– 200 icons
– Includes .PSD file

100 Flat Icons

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