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23 Cardboard Textures

By James |


23 Cardboard Textures

ITEM: 23 Cardboard Textures
COUNT: 23 Cardboard Textures
VERSION: All Adobe Photoshop Versions
COMPATIBLE: Made with CS5 **
DESCRIPTION:23 600 dpi Cardboard Textures. Great for modern website design or maybe even some print design. Always great to have in your design arsenal!

Inside I’ve included:
– 23 600 dpi .jpg Cardboard Textures and Edges
– 13 600 dpi .jpg Original Cardboard Tape Files
– 1 600 dpi .psd Containing 8 Seperated Folder Cut Tape Pieces
– 20 600 dpi .jpg Repeatable Patterns, Colored and Original Cardboard
– 1 Photoshop .pat file Containing 20 Repeatable Patterns, Original and Colored
-Readme for pattern installation and .psd usage

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