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30 Decorative Shapes

By James |

30 Decorative Shapes

ITEM: 30 Decorative Shapes
COUNT: 30 Decorative Shapes
VERSION: All Adobe Photoshop Versions
COMPATIBLE: Made with CS6 **
30 Decorative Shapes

30 Decorative Shapes and Borders. Can be used for almost anything! I’ve aligned the .PSD file with a 960 Grid for any Web Designer who might need these for the top of a vintage website.. Or even outline a flyer, poster or a large size banner with these shapes. Vintage Decorative Banner Border Sign Shapes. They are shape layers in a .CSH file. I’ve also included a .PSD file for those who might not have the correct version. I’ve also included a readme for those who might need some help.

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  1. jopel says:

    superbe !!!

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