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LA Trash Apparel Designs

By James |

I’ve been so busy with school and design I haven’t been able to post to any website. I have been working on a lot of designs. I guess it would be appropriate to post them separately.

First, after finishing the Final Thought Project I have been working on a couple shirts.
I finished two new T-Shirts with LA Trash. The clothing line is finally in the process of finalizing shirt design ideas and getting them printed off and ready. I’ve posted all the previous designs all over the web, however here is the newest designs.

The First is a T-Shirt I’ve previously displayed, however the colors have been altered to a more fitting pattern. I first started this design randomly making text paths in Adobe Illustrator CS5. As the design started coming together I start using only text to create the entire shirt. I really like this design it is probably one of my favorites.

The Second is a Zip-Up Hoodie. When I went into this design I had no idea where I was going. After a while I started creating the text in Adobe Illustrator CS5 with the idea of some how incorporating “This is my hood” into the shirt. After I came up with the text I liked the idea of an abstract city in the background of the text and then once it was all finished I topped it off with the LA Trash trademarks of the Garbage Can in the background as well as LA Trash Apparel embedded throughout the large text. Overall This is my favorite design I have ever done. I can’t wait for it to get printed off.

LA Trash Text Shirt

LA Trash Text T-Shirt


LA Trash This is my hood

LA Trash This is my hood

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