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NESD New Website Featuring Shop

By James |

I just recently made a new website for Nineteen Eighty Seven Design at the beginning of the year 2012.. However I felt that it was lacking what I wanted from my own website in terms of professionalism and style. So I decided to update it again to make it look more professional, yet still with some style. I’ve actually taken the time to wipe out the old blog using WordPress with the URL and it being in it’s own folder and make a whole wordpress website. This way it’s easier on me and everyone else how to find everything I have on my website.

I decided that since I already have all my Photoshop Brushes in the blog in their own specified category why not do something more. Since then I have released a few things that I myself use for resources and thought that it would be nice to share. So All of my Photoshop Brushes are free downloads however, I’ve made a whole new section of the website for other resources like vectors, PSD Templates and other things that I’ve managed to gather throughout my years of design. So I announce the launch of the “Shop” with available resources to those who need to spruce up their design. I will be adding more as time goes.. I always make new brushes so when I create something new and useful it will be uploaded.

I also decided that it was time to make everything handy and add a larger footer area with useful links around the website. There is now a Sitemap so that everyone can find every single thing that has been added to the website.

I just thought it was time to make things a little more professional as well as release some things I thought might be useful to others!

I’m very excited to release all of my artwork and design in my portfolio as well as release all my resources that I’ve used over the years! I will continue to make everything the best that I can!

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