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Nineteen Eighty Seven Design Status Update

By James |

I’ve been pretty busy with work. So I decided that it’s time to redo this website. I am currently working on all the design of it out in photoshop. It will be responsive for all web browsers as well as a bunch of other modern features.

There is a lot of projects that are in the back of my mind that I think I will add to blog posts as they finish up.

LA Trash Apparel is having a super big sale getting ready for new merchandise. So check out and purchase some apparel that I’ve designed before its gone forever.

I’m also working on a few websites that are pretty cool. Once they finish up I will make some posts about those as well.

Also, I’ve released a bunch of Graphic River items that can be found in my blog posts as well as on Graphic River! So be sure to check out some of these items and make a purchase or 2 or 3 haha!


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