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Final Thought Website Design Launch

By James |

The past week or so has been so stressful preparing for the release of the new Final Thought Website. I’ve been working really hard on this project and I think it is one of the best project’s I have done to date. I always love working with these guys! They are open to just about […]

Final Thought Project Finished.

By James |

So I mentioned in the last post about the album cover for Final Thought Project. I recently finished the album design completely, so I wanted to post all of the album views. I’m extremely excited for the launch of this Album, not only is the music pretty amazing the artwork is well designed as well. […]

Final Thought CD Packaging Project

By James |

I think this album design that I’ve been working on for the band Final Thought is really turning out well.These guys are definitely worth listening to if you have a chance! Listen to them @ I have worked with them previously in all the design needs. You can check the website out at I’ve […]