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The Quiet City Screams T-Shirt Designs

By James |

So I’ve been working on these 2 designs since the last blog update. The first shirt is another anchor design that I did. It’s different then the previous anchor designs I’ve done. On the anchor shirt I used the pen tool to create the anchor in Adobe Illustrator I also created the main font in Illustrator as well. Overall I tried something new completely designing this t-shirt in Illustrator instead of importing to Photoshop. I managed to keep it down to 3 colors which is surprising that I Was able to get it that low. I wanted to go with 4 – 6 colors!

The Second Shirt was created in Photoshop. Once I created the text, it was all pretty much rasterized so I could manipulate it to fit the design. The bottom features a city amongst the shapes that were rasterized to and then added a grunge to make it fit the style I was reaching. I thought the lines added a nice touch as well. This shirt was limited to 2 colors as well but I still feel those 2 colors worked out well!

I will have more to post soon enough! 🙂

The Quiet City Screams T-Shirt

The Quiet City Screams Anchor Shirt


The Quiet City Screams

The Quiet City Screams City Shirt

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