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Website Launch

By James |

New Website

I’ve been working pretty hard on the release of my new website and I’m excited to share! Have a look around and take notice to the smaller things. I went with a really modern look on this on to showcase what I’ve learned to this point. This website is packed with alot of tools such as being powered by WordPress. Some more features include Bootstrap from Twitter which you can take notice from alot of the Bootstrap features such as the slider on home page and the progress bars on the about me page. All of the buttons and structure are based off of Bootstrap as well. The home page also features a client section that is powered by Caroufredsel. The about me icons are from Codrops. All of the icons on this site are powered by FontAwesome which are font icons instead of images which help with load times. This website is also responsive which means that it is mobile ready for smart phones, iPhones, Androids as well as tablets. I’ve made navigating through the site and finding things alot easier for the users.
There are a lot more features to have a look at as well, but I have to say I’m overall extremely happy with the outcome of the new website. I’ve also decided to use James Myers now instead of NESD and bring and together as one big site. Of course I am always working and creating new things so be sure to check back often as I release new resources often!

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