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LA Trash Apparel Photoshoot

By James |

As of recently LA Trash Apparel completed the new photoshoot with all of the shirts they will be coming out with. I just received all the pictures and will be going through them all to begin the process of designing the website with photo’s incorporated. I’m very excited about this project. Me and the LA Trash Apparel team have been working on this project since 2010 and have finally reached the point of launch.

The website and merchandise pictures should be up and the website included within the next 2 weeks! Infact, I will include a few shots that will be used on the website. LA Trash Apparel and I will be launching the entire website and social sites including our online merchandise store in 2 weeks or less. The website will include a bunch of features like the store, individual merchandise pages, news updates, newsletters for people to join, social sites including facebook, twitter and more! I am really excited to launch this project!

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