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LA Trash Apparel Winter Sale!

By James |

As it gets towards that time of the year LA Trash Apparel has began there Winter Sale with great prices! With that winter sale comes a new website update. I’ve taken the time to add a new store to LA Trash Apparel website which makes it easier for both us and the customers with processing […]

LA Trash Apparel Website Launch!

By James |

I’ve been working VERY hard over the past few months with LA Trash Apparel trying to get everything together and running correctly. I’ve finally finished the website and everything is ready to go! It’s been a very long road but it has paid off! I have managed to complete all the clothing, Ads for the […]

LA Trash Apparel Photoshoot

By James |

As of recently LA Trash Apparel completed the new photoshoot with all of the shirts they will be coming out with. I just received all the pictures and will be going through them all to begin the process of designing the website with photo’s incorporated. I’m very excited about this project. Me and the LA […]