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T-Shirt Design for Premier

By James |

T-Shirt for Premier

Not to long ago I finished a logo for the band Premier. Since then they have asked me to design several more things for them, which is great! These guys are super cool and super friendly! I just finished the newest design of a T-Shirt. When designing this they wanted something with their new logo with a little effect to it. So I decided to take that and run with an idea that I had as well based on their idea.
I came up with the Logo a few weeks ago and I also decided that since the logo had a distressed grunge appeal, I wanted everything else that followed the design to of course have the same idea. When I was designing the shirt I thought, “I need some sort of divider to space the words.” I came up with a picture that I took with my Nikon D60 when I was snapping shots for the logo. Once I added it to Photoshop, I of course needed to make a vector out of it for the large T-Shirt print. Brought it back to Photoshop from Illustrator and added it to the shirt as the divider.

After that I decided I needed to make the rest of what needed to be incorporated into the shirt which was the location Quincy, Mass. From there I of course added the grunge effect to it and made it fit the rest of the shirt. I also thought that the entire shirt looked best on a black shirt so that is what I ran with. I presented it to them and of course they were really happy with what became of the shirt from its original state with just a logo.

Here is a sample of what the shirt for Premier turned out like:

Premier T-Shirt Logo

Premier T-Shirt Logo

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