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Happy Thanksgiving!

By James |

I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone early so I didn’t forget. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update however I’ve been busy with work and moving into my new house. So I’m taking the time to post a couple new designs. I recently finished a new t-shirt for premier and just […]

Show Flyer for Premier

By James |

I just finished a new flyer for the band Premier! I have been working with them on several projects such as: T-Shirts, Logo, Drum Head, Business Cards, Sweatshirts and a few other things. Last week they managed to get on to Warped Tour and they wanted a flyer that could show off the new merch, […]

Premier Drum Head Design

By James |

Another Successful project just finished and out of the way for Premier! I had the privilege of designing the bass drum head for Premier. I actually took the same design from the shirt I designed not to long ago for them with the grizzly bear. So it was kind of an easy job being as […]

T-Shirt Design for Premier – Bear

By James |

After Completing the first t-shirt for Premier from Quincy, Mass. We decided to make 2 more. The second idea came from an idea they had with a grizzly bear with his paws in the air looking fierce. At first I didn’t know how I wanted to go about designing this shirt until I finally realized, […]

T-Shirt Design for Premier

By James |

T-Shirt for Premier Not to long ago I finished a logo for the band Premier. Since then they have asked me to design several more things for them, which is great! These guys are super cool and super friendly! I just finished the newest design of a T-Shirt. When designing this they wanted something with […]