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Premier Drum Head Design

By James |

Another Successful project just finished and out of the way for Premier! I had the privilege of designing the bass drum head for Premier. I actually took the same design from the shirt I designed not to long ago for them with the grizzly bear. So it was kind of an easy job being as that fit perfectly into the drum head design. I wanted to give it some more edge adding the grunge stripes across the back that were also a lighter color than the actual bear itself so you could see the black in the bear a bit better. I mostly used Illustrator on this project however, I brought the template into Photoshop.

I also wanted to add text around the outside of the head with Premier just to make use of the circle aspect. Then I decided to add the current logo into the design to top it off and complete the entire bass drum head. I also did a few more projects that I will post another about it.

Premier Bass Drum Head Design

One thought on "Premier Drum Head Design"

  1. I Myers says:

    love that!!!like that u completed the circle with words.!! You do such GREAT WORK!!!!!!keep up the great work!!!!!

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