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T-Shirt Design for Premier – Bear

By James |

After Completing the first t-shirt for Premier from Quincy, Mass. We decided to make 2 more. The second idea came from an idea they had with a grizzly bear with his paws in the air looking fierce. At first I didn’t know how I wanted to go about designing this shirt until I finally realized, I’m going do have to create this with Illustrator. I started creating the grizzly bear with the pen tool in Illustrator. I started out with the face using various sizes and brush strokes in Illustrator.

Once I finished with the face I decided to go ahead and add the paws into the mix. The hardest part was connecting the face with the paws and the correct sizing. However, I overcame that and made it so perfect. I absolutely LOVE the way the grizzly bear turned out. I was worried about the brush stroke sizes but in the end, it was perfect. I started to compress and save the .ai file and prepare it for Photoshop. I brought the grizzly bear into Photoshop and added 4 colors screen print. I decided where to add the lighter browns and darker browns to make everything fit accordingly with the correct coloring.

After I finished the coloring, I decided clearly I need to add the band name. So I came up with a different font than I originally used for the first logo just because I felt that the font needed to fit a little more appropriately. From there I thought this would look really cool it I added an arc to the font to kind of fit around the top of the grizzly bear. This almost completed my idea of what I wanted to achieve. I added the grunge effect again to the font to give it a rough look kind of as if the grizzly had gotten a hold of it. After that I decided to do the same, yet opposite of what I did the with the logo and font above. I created an upside down arc to make it fit into the bottom of the grizzly bear.

It was complete. I couldn’t think of adding anything more to the design. So I sent it over to the band and of course, they loved the design. I personally absolutely loved the way this turned out and couldn’t be happier.

With that said here is what it turned out like:

T-Shirt Grizzly Bear

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