James Myers

NESD New Website Featuring Shop

I just recently made a new website for Nineteen Eighty Seven Design at the beginning of the year 2012.. However I felt that it was lacking what I wanted from my own website in terms of professionalism and style. So I decided to update it again to make it look more professional, yet still with […]

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LA Trash Apparel Website Launch!

I’ve been working VERY hard over the past few months with LA Trash Apparel trying to get everything together and running correctly. I’ve finally finished the website and everything is ready to go! It’s been a very long road but it has paid off! I have managed to complete all the clothing, Ads for the […]

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Website Launch for Kid Disaster

I was recently approached by Kid Disaster for a website. So I decided to give them a nice look and use WordPress. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out. The colors and design all flow together really well. I wanted to utilize all of their social sites. That brought me to the […]

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JWorks Management Website Launch

Since the launch of iFilehere.com, I’ve been working on another project for JWorks Management. The project included branding and website design using a WordPress CMS integration. The website features a video section, contact section, twitter feed and blog feed. Always enjoy working with JWorks! Check out the image and the website @ http://www.jworksmgmt.com I have […]

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ifilehere.com Website Launch

I’ve been working on several projects right now. I’ve also been working on finishing my associates in graphic design. Boy, am I busy! So one of the projects i’ve been working on is www.ifilehere.com a tax return website. They are a local company from Michigan, so I was pretty excited to work with them! This […]

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Final Thought CD Packaging Project

I think this album design that I’ve been working on for the band Final Thought is really turning out well.These guys are definitely worth listening to if you have a chance! Listen to them @ http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/this-party/id455005436?i=455005506. I have worked with them previously in all the design needs. You can check the website out at http://www.finalthoughtband.com I’ve […]

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